Terezie Šenkyříková Kopečková

Terezie Šenkyříková Kopečková

Terezie Šenkyříková Kopečková
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this is like my favourite tumblr post, thought i'd share

But can we make this regular behavior for rapist. Shot, decapitated and have their severed head hurdled around town just in case anyone didn't know they were a rapist so even in death their name would be dragged


I can confirm that took me 3 weeks to watch from season one to season 12 episode 21 ( I am very new to this fandom but love it so much!

(Gifset) Omigosh, they're so adorable. Jensen's face is in the last gif is so doggone precious. <3 <3 <3

Jared finally gets to see his 'big brother' so he hugs him over and over and Jensen's embarrassed but he secretly loves it, and Jared's like "guys guys look! He's the coolest:)"