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Ma sexy man:33

Não importa a cor do cabelo, Park Jimin continua lindo do mesmo jeito

Shoulders..Shoulders..SCHOULDERS!! <3 :33 Kill mee..

Shoulders..Shoulders..SCHOULDERS!! <3 :33 Kill mee..

Happy B-Day Kyungsoo:D<3

Read KYUNGSOO from the story memes :: exo by busan_bby (j. Too bad Jimin isn't here, he would've loved to.

Little Jiminnie :'( <3 :D

Little Jiminnie :'( :D


sorry Sungjae, your tongue is not long enough to touch your nose. but we enjoy the face you're making xD




I dont really listen to bvb that much anymore but i admire andy so much and what he and the rest of the band have done for their fans. Their all really amazing people

Andy Biersack- He has such an innocent smile. It's like he could do any number of terrible things but when he smiles like that. *Poof* All accusations go up in smoke.