Ice skate craft Ice skate pattern, dot art, giant Popsicle stick wrapped in tin foil, hot glue yard for laces.

Cross country skiing and ski jumping are both part of the Nordic Combined winter sport event - so here is a colouring page which shows both!

Zimné športy - Poskladaj obrázok - puzzle - pracovný list z ABC

Paper Birds, Montessori, Sporty, Literature

zimné športy - farebný pracovný list z ABC materské školy

Korčule so šnúrkou - Omalovanky.

Texty, Sporty, Montessori, Autism

Winter Time, Sporty, Talvi, Paper Dolls, Olympics, Monsters, Winter, Paper Puppets, The Beast

Winter Activities, Winter Ideas, Winter Time, Sporty, Zima, Winter

říkanky a písničky :: MŠ Poupě Štětí

říkanky a písničky :: MŠ Poupě Štětí

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