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Ice-Type Fakemon

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076-articowl by DD-Aer on DeviantArt


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Ryskia Region on Instagram: “#147 AURORAGON (Aurora + Dragon) Type: Ice/Dragon Ability: Ice Face The Ice Comet Fakemon Their icy armour helps protect them when they…”


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Fakemon / Pokemon Artist on Instagram: “Meet Mammophant! . Please like, comment, save, and share! 😊💛 . > Swipe all of the way! >>> . Heavy Mammophants often sink into soft snow…”


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038 Elking by ollyneanderthal on DeviantArt


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076 - RAIYUKI by MathPlatn on DeviantArt
Fakemon Forge on Instagram: “Day 24, Natural Phenomena. This dragon is based on the aurora borealis. • • • • #smaugust #smaugust2021 #auroraborealis #naturalphenomena…”


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144 Bolteeth by surrealhippo on DeviantArt
075 - KAMIYUKI by MathPlatn on DeviantArt


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019 Salukice by siriusleenott on DeviantArt
018 Snopup by siriusleenott on DeviantArt


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The Cornera Region on Instagram: “Poloto - 136 - The Snowstorm Pokemon - ICE/GROUND -------------------------------- Name Origin: Polar + Eototo . Inspirations: Eototo and…”
Fakemon / Pokemon Artist on Instagram: “Meet Thermole and Rodtundra! . Please like 😊 . Thermole live in snowy mountainous areas and are masters of disguise. They’ll burrow in the…”


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Artwork Pokemon VP - Frostilodon by Kitsune-X-Inuzuka on DeviantArt


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Fakemon - ANANSICLE by ollyneanderthal on DeviantArt
Puffly | DarkandWindie Fakemon Wiki | Fandom


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Meet Chirkoise, an Ice/Flying Pokémon you can find on your journey in Pokémon Cloud and Soil! : fakemon


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Atoni Region on Instagram: “Your ROCROCROC evolved! FROSTOWER is based on chess figure Would you use it in your team? _______________________________ #pokemon…”
Atoni Region on Instagram: “Such a fun name 😂 Rocrocroc is based on stone towers 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣 Would you use it in your team? _______________________________ #pokemon…”
Luan Resende (@lmrtrainer) posted on Instagram: “095. STAGROST, Winter Stag Pokémon. TYPE: Rock / Ice. GENDER: 88% Male 12% Female. HP: 70 ATK: 110 DEF: 70 SP.ATK: 60 SP.DEF: 55 SPEED:…” • Aug 30, 2021 at 1:59pm UTC


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Permamooth by Andrewsarchus89 on DeviantArt


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Huskue the Husky Pokemon : fakemon
Bretlan Leopards by SaucyLobster on DeviantArt


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✦ Pokémon Mars version ✦ on Instagram: “#052: Mobleezer ❄️ Species: Iceberg Type: Ice/Water Ability: Ice Body/Pressure Dex entry: Pokémon hates swimming close to it since the…”


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Pokemon Fake, New Pokemon, Claws, Ice, Gender, Dark
Sundor Region on Instagram: “075- Mongrice  Type: Ice/Dark Category: The Abandoned Pokémon Ability: Intimidate / Snow Warning (HA) ——————————————— Base Stats HP: 65…”
Fakemon designs (@emet.fkmn) posted on Instagram: “Cryspirit (crystal+spirit), the ice crown pokemon Type: ice/ghost . . A spirit that refused to accept its own insignificance and now…” • May 4, 2021 at 2:55pm UTC
Ice Pokemon, Saiga, Anime Animals, Antelope, Evolution
Snow Wolf, Weapon Concept Art, Doodles
Type Pokemon, Pokemon Art, Snow Puppy, Art Day, Pikachu
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