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an owl is sitting on a branch surrounded by other symbols
Jeff Langevin | Art & Illustration
a stained glass carousel lamp sitting on top of a white table next to a window
Koi Pond Stained glass Mirror
Koi Pond Stained glass Mirror
Koi Pond Stained glass Mirror
Koi Fish Lilly pads and lotus figures. This design inspired by Koi ponds. Stained Glass Figure used on a Oval shape Mirror Design. This wall hanging mirror made by using Tiffany method of copper foil. The materials that I use for this Stained Glass Mirror are listed below. 3 mm Glass Copper Foil Zinc Frame Copper Wire Mirror Product sizes are: Height: 35cm (13 inches) Width: 45cm (18 inches)
a stained glass ornament hanging from a chain with a dolphin on it's side
a model of a red house on a wooden tray in a room with white walls
Stained glass house 10 inches tall
a stained glass window with an all seeing eye in the center and circles around it
Magical shopping
a stained glass window with leaves and birds on it
Ghibli Museum stained glass painting
a person wearing a green hoodie holding up a stained glass mask
Stained Glass
Stained Glass - Album on Imgur
four flags with different symbols on them
The Houses of Hogwarts
four different colored stickers on a white background, each with an animal's head
Geometric Hogwarts Magnet
the harry potter crest on a black background
Republic School of Bending by winterartwork
Check out this awesome 'Hogwarts Crest Minimal' design on @TeePublic!