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How to close a hole in an Amigurumi piece, crochet video tutorial
If you wonder how to close a hole in an Amigurumi piece so you get a nice neat finish then you need to check out this crochet video tutorial. I will show you a quick way how to close off your Amigurumi toy like a 'pro'. :-) It's a simple crochet technique that I use in all of my free crochet Amigurumi animal patterns so why don't you check them out at #crochet #crochetvideos #crochettoys #amigurumi #crochetanimals
a woman holding a green and white crocheted stuffed animal in her hands while taking a selfie
Кит 🐳
a person holding up a knitted snake in front of some trees and water with buildings in the background
a person's foot with a white snake wrapped around it
Serpiente Grande PDF Amigurumi Patrón Gratis - Lovelycraft
Serpiente Grande PDF Amigurumi Patrón Gratis - Lovelycraft
Tips & Tricks for a perfect and round Crochet Turtle
The Magic Circle
a knitted deadpool hat is shown on someone's back leg and has eyes drawn out
a crochet pattern for a square with red and white flowers on the side
Crochet Mushroom Square Pattern
a crocheted bee is shown in the form of a handwritten notepad
Bee pattern
two small crocheted gnomes are held in the palm of someone's hand
Amigurumi Baby Fly Agaric Crochet Free Pattern – Amigurumi
two crocheted stuffed animals sitting next to each other on a window sill
Free cute Cat crochet patterns
a hand holding a small white crocheted object with eyes on it's face
No-Sew Quick Crochet Ghost - Free Crochet Pattern