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Travel - Hungary

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Budapest 1944
Az 1956-os forradalom Magyarország népének a sztálinista diktatúra elleni forradalma és a szovjet meg­szállás ellen folytatott szabadságharca, amely a 20. századi magyar történelem egyik legmeghatározóbb eseménye volt. A budapesti diákoknak az egyetemekről kiinduló békés tün­te­té­sével kezdődött 1956. október 23-án, és a fegyveres felkelők ellenállásának felmorzsolásával feje­ződött be Csepelen november 11-én.
Imre Nagy- led the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 that was crushed by the Soviet Union. He was executed 2 years later


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The Siege of Budapest refers to the Soviet Union's takeover of the Hungarian capital city of Budapest towards the end of World War II in Europe. Part of the broader Budapest Offensive, the siege began when Budapest, defended by Hungarian and German troops, was first encircled on 29 December 1944 by the Red Army and the Romanian Army. The siege ended when the city unconditionally surrendered on 13 February 1945. It was a decisive victory for the Allies in their push towards Berlin.
Hungary during World War II - Wikipedia, Hungarian soldiers in the Carpathaians in 1944
Bergen-Belsen and the Hungarian Jews .The last group of Jews to be deported by the Nazis were the Hungarians. Both Hungary and Bulgaria were allies of Germany in World War II. On April 17, 1943, after Bulgaria had refused to allow their Jews to be deported, Hitler met with Admiral Nicholas Horthy, the Hungarian leader, in Salzburg and tried to persuade him to allow the Jews of Hungary to be "resettled" in Poland, according to Martin Gilbert in his book, "Never Again."


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Archduke Otto von Habsburg of Austria was married to Princess Regina of Saxe-Meiningen from 1951 until her death in 2010.
Archduchess Auguste Marie of Austria, Princess of Hungary and Bohemia
Crown Prince Otto von Hapsburg was the last Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary from 1916 until the dissolution of the empire in 1918.....here he is four years old in the costume he wore to his parents coronation as King and Queen of Hungary in 1916.


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Elizabeth Bathory's Cachtice Castle
A few of Bathory's actual torture devices
elizabeth bathory


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The Mongol invasion in 1241 meant for Hungary what the Hun invasions and later the Hungarian attacks had meant for Western Europe. "God protect us from the Hungarian arrows"- this was the prayer in Western monasteries for over two generations. The Tartar invasion proved almost fatal; Hungary was only saved by the unexpected withdrawal of the Mongolian hosts lead by khan Batu.
9, Hungary: Marschalk, (Marshall) in Celje feathers.  Maybe Ulrich of Celje, riding to Ladislaus's "rescue?"
III Andras Thuroczy. King of Hungary.Last King from the House of Arpad.Grandson of Andrew II.Born in Venice.(1290-1301)


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Hungarian School, circa 1705 Portrait of Sára Naláczi (1692-1760), aged 13, full-length, in a richly embroidered and bejewelled green dress, and a pearl and ruby headdress, holding a fan in her right hand, her left hand resting on a table, a landscape beyond inscribed 'NALACZI SARA az én kedves Lea- nyom. Volt 13. Esztendos Ao 1705. eliora magos, illyen ábrazatu, kit is Isten tareson meg maga nevi- nek ditsösegére -s- magunkk oromunkre.' (upper right) and with the sitter's coat-of-arms
Almos, first Grand Prince of the Magyars.
I. Ferdinánd magyar király (uralkodása: 1526–1564) Habsburg-ház

Hungarian History

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Farm on the Great Hungarian Plain by Janos Tornyai c 1910
Self-Portrait, André Kertész, 1927. © Estate of André Kertész
Berény Róbert, Csellózó nő

Hungarian Art

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17th Century Hungarian Pendant @ Hungarian National Museum, Budapest
Hungarian, 17th century, Jewellery @ Hungarian National Museum - Budapest.
Hungarian, 17th century; gold penant with rubies and pale emeralds with enamel.

Hungarian Jewelry

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Hungarian traditional costume
Traditional Hungarian embroidery
Hungarian Kalotaszegi Embroidery

Hungarian Folk wear/ Embroidery

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Hungarian folk architecture (Sóstói Múzeumfalu)
Farmhouse in Hungary (Gedeon Tanya panzió, Bugacpuszta)
Church interior Csaroda, Hungary  magyarbarangolo.blogspot.com

Hungarian Country Houses

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The Hungarian capital letter alphabet.
The Hungarian alphabet
Egészségedre (pronounced "egg-eh-sheg-eh-dre") is the most fun word to say in any language.   "cheers" in Hungarian language

Hungarian Language / Magyar

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The Museum of Applied Arts in #Budapest, #Hungary. Located about 5 minutes away from Actor Hotel.
Budapest - Hungarian National Museum (Magyar Nemzeti Muzeum)    The history of Hungary and its people through the ages is covered in many magnificent exhibits and works of art.
Museum of Fine Arts - Budapest


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Aurora Borealis - Northern Light FULL MOVIE
...Helen Mirren   Hungarian movie

Hungarian Movies

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Vintage Budapest
Budapest, il ponte delle catene
Budapest - Climbing Castle Hill


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Házi túró és tejföl készítése
Mihály Zichy - Illustration to Imre Madách's The Tragedy of Man: Outside the Paradise (Scene 15) 1887
corvinus university of budapest - HUNGARY


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Animal - J.Crew's Frank Muytjens and Dutch, a seven-month-old Vizsla

Hungarian Vizsla

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