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three plastic bottles are glowing in the dark
23 Inventive Camping Hacks Seen on Pinterest
two coffee mugs are sitting on the bed in a car with pillows and blankets
a car with a cover on it parked in the dirt
an open hatchback car trunk filled with white sheets and pillows next to a yellow flower
a woman laying in a hammock next to her bike and backpacks on the floor
the interior of a van with two beds and an open trunk area in front of it
the back end of a car with its trunk open and bed in the passenger area
the interior of a camper van with two beds in it and lights all around
the inside of a tent with couches and chairs
a white tent in the woods with pillows and blankets on it's sides, next to a bed
a person sitting in a chair next to a tent on the beach with an umbrella
a woman is reaching up into the air to pick something out of a hanging basket