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Matouš Fridrich
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This undated #vintage #Rolex #Datejust features the "Palace Of Nations" which was the United Nations Office At Geneva. It was built in #Geneva between 1929 and 1936 as the headquarters for the League of Nations, which later evolved into the Geneva headquarters for the United Nations in 1946. Today, the #UN In Geneva is filled with international diplomats daily, and it primarily deals with social issues around the world.

If You Were Negotiating Here Tomorrow You'd Wear A Rolex Geneva's Palais des Nations This vintage Rolex ad showcases what is now.

1970 OMEGA Chronograph Watch Ad "NASA"

"The Chronograph. Would NASA select second best?" An original 1970 Omega Chronograph watch advertisement. Featuring the 4 Dial Speedmaster Chronograph Watch pri

I love all things DIY & Home Decor.

A desk and shelf wall unit with the design you want and the function you need. The industrial strength pipe fittings support 8 long stained 2 x

Rolex explorer 1

This is a 1964 Rolex Explorer advertisement. It shows how watch companies take the idea of exploration, such as the issues of keeping time consistently in adverse conditions. Here the Rolex is capable of surviving the climb to the top of the Matterhorn.