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Mallory - Constantly confused on orders from her king, Lucifer the Devil, and her damned parents.

This sort of symbolizes the whole book to me - the souls below, all the villagers in the tunnel waiting for their salvation; the great wings of the griffin; and Beila, in the middle, rising towards the light and becoming the queen she was born to become.

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There are no secrets in life, just hidden truths that lie beneath the surface. another personal work, started some time ago as a spitpaint ^^ hope you l. Little fish big fish swimming in the water

The soul wants to escape the physical realm in the Pisces stage of existence. (newworldastrology.com) (Art: ?)

When the Divine Masculine God Essence meets & merges with his true Divine Feminine Goddess Essence. through the depths of their deep & pure Love. Heaven merges with Earth & becomes One. A Holy & Sacred merging in the depths of Divinity.