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Just adorable and most definitely happened!

Hahahahahaaha they were so excited about pranks they forgot about their birthday. I think it's so funny that they were born on April Fools Day! <--- I love Fred and George:)

I just love these. Draco is Teddy's cousin (once-removed) and you can't tell me that after everything Draco wasn't a part of his life, even begrudgingly.

Draco and Teddy (Draco wears a Weasley sweater! and his mug says princess! Notice the more time Teddy spends with Draco the more his hair changes from blue to blond.

I love the pictures I see of Draco and Teddy, or Draco at the Weasley's for Christmas , or whatever. He always seems grumpy, but I believe that's just a show he puts on. I think he truly enjoys going to the Weasley's and having Mrs. Weasley make him a sweater. He just doesn't show it.

Draco's Weasley Sweater - coloured by CaptBexx on DeviantArt<<< so sweet<<< I'm re-reading Harry Potter right now and Harry is getting his sweater and his is green so Draco and Harry would be twining lol