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a desk with a monitor and keyboard on it
Mine minimalistic battlestation, I really like monitors that are properly wallmounted. It makes your desk less cluttered and much more beautiful, cable management game is strong to, just not on the pic.
a desk with a laptop computer on top of it next to a lamp and bookshelf
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a desk with a computer and plants on it
My plants keep me calm
Iron Man, Armor Concept, Iron Man Art, Iron Man Armor, Sci, Iron Man Suit, Stark, Hero, Black Panther Marvel
Ironman by kaptaincoca on DeviantArt
a computer sitting on top of a wooden desk
Room & Board - Essentials Cord Management - Modern Office Organization -
a home office with blue walls and pictures on the wall, including a large potted plant
Moody Mid Century Home Office + Shop The Look - Emily Henderson
two computer desks with monitors on them in front of a shelf filled with bottles
His & Hers. Wife wanted to spend more time "together"
a home office with a desk, chair and bookshelf
Escritório Home Office
there are three different pictures of the same room in this house, one is empty and the other has an entertainment center
7 Best Gaming PCs Under $500 in 2020 [October]
a desk with a monitor, keyboard and speakers in front of a painting on the wall
My setup so far.
a computer desk with a keyboard, mouse and monitor on it next to a potted plant
a computer desk with two monitors on it and a chair in front of the monitor
Work from home set up
a desk with two monitors and keyboard on it