Oh be still my beating heart! Dear Father Christmas please can I have a Fox Terrier puppy. I'll be VERY good, I promise!

Pepe and Reagan, the Wired Hair Terriers


A fox for my pocket

Do you smell something?  I smell something!  Is it fish? It's fish, right? Or shrimp? I bet it's shrimp. Ya know I love that, right? What is it again? Oh yeah, that pinkish looking one. Yep, it's good. I can eat that.

Do you smell something? I smell something! Or shrimp? I bet it's shrimp. Oh yeah, that pinkish looking one.

Quite normal behaviour.

Quite normal behaviour.

ralphlauren: “Picking apples with a friend. Discover the special things from Ralph Lauren Home: here. ”

the curious bumblebee — ralphlauren: Picking apples with a Wire Fox Terrier friend.

Harvey the wire fox terrier.

Harvey the wire fox terrier. He could pass for my terrier Ditto

Wire fox terrier

Wire fox terrier

Be reasonable ! There's not going to be enough room on the bed once I'm stretched full-length diagonally. I'm already comfortable- so NO-Brainer !! Before you toddle off, plump up the pillows would you, old chap. Thanks awfully.

Fox terrier Leeloo: And where you gonna sleep?

Wire Fox Terriers get the right-of-way! :->

October A young boy dressed as a policeman plays at traffic direction with his canine friend. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

And I'll wait till I'm stood next to you before I shake myself dry.

Wire hair fox terriers - My mother had a clever Fox Terrier when growing up in Sweden, early She had a short train trip to the Lycee, the dog came along too . and returned home on his own in the train! The good old days, eh?


Airedale Terrier sitting in the Wheelbarrow by Oh So ShAbBy By Debbie Reynolds

Fox Terrier. Saltos,Carreras,Nadar 03.19

" Even if your dog obeys nothing else, having them come to you when called can save their life or avoid a dog fight or other dangerous situation.

When Arti was a little girl :3

theartofqueenie said: I adopted my dog Happy 2 years ago as an adult and I've never seen him as a puppy. I was wondering if you can show wired-hair terrier puppies for me?

Smooch #wire #fox #terriers

Smooch #wire #fox #terriers

Fierce hunters.

In a field of our own.