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3D Settlers Of Catan Tiles  Experience one of your favorite board games like…

Experience one of your favorite board games like never before when you try to out-settle everyone else playing on the Settlers of Catan tiles. The tiles come intricately designed to reveal every corner of the breathtaking island vistas.

Japanese Kitsune Room Guardian by AnyaBoz on deviantART Really wanna find out how she does her fur. looks so awesome!

Kitsune - In wolf form. Combo of Mask (Humanoid) with body of a beast (Animal) Reference to their human form so they can be recognised in beast form.

Colorful night. by Safiru

Secret Santa for ~hopeakorento! I took part in =Berneri's SS this year and got a few characters to choose from Hopeakorento but I really wanted to draw her character Eden oooooo a white wolf wit.


BlackFang (Black), no pups or mate but is brother to WhiteClaw. That's why he has multiple Tails. He fights demons that try to harm or mess with his brother's work. He would also like and apprentice.