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the little mermaid is floating in an hourglass with water and other things on it
氷 と 水
an anime scene with the caption that reads,'quien te quiere de vera
Imágenes y Carteles de FAIRYTAIL
So there's GaLe and Gruvia at the beginning and end... And there's NaLu; glad it was Lucy rescuing him this time
two people sitting next to each other in the water
Most adorable thing I have ever seen
the four main characters in fire emblems, from left to right, and an image of
Grace's artblog
Awesome! Love these ships. Credit goes to owner.
the many faces of anime characters with captioning for each one's name
A Tiny Artist
I love this, but really? There are soooo many better pictures of Juvia.
an image of two people kissing in front of a table with anime characters on it
Fairy Tail- nalu
three anime characters with different hair styles and colors, one is wearing a t - shirt
Gale, Gruvia and Zervis!!!, but where's Jerza?
Shironeko Project x Fairy Tail Fairy Tail Gray
Shironeko Project x Fairy Tail