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SHERLOCK (BBC) ~ Season 3 promo photo shoot. John Watson (Martin Freeman) and…

SHERLOCK (BBC) ~ John Watson (Martin Freeman) and Mary Morstan (Amanda Abbington). --must love BBC Mary as well, not only because she's John's wife, but she's also Mrs.

like the heated wave coming, it will have to be a riddle, one just for you, out in the open, I guess my ego wants to know my id needs to know to move on with the search for my children's father


I really shouldn't like this… BUT I LOVE IT <-- so jim is scar and sherlock is mufasa--I mean he did make him fall to his doom--minus being deaded by stampeding wildebeests.-----does john count as Simba?

met gala emma watson 2016 - Hledat Googlem

Awards season might be getting over, but we will still figure out a way to provide you with your regular dose of celeb fashion.


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