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a drawing of a bird with wings on it's back and the word love written in
100 Watercolor Tattoo Ideas So Beautiful, You’ll Want To Steal Them
a drawing of a giraffe sitting on the ground
Cute and easy snake doodle🐍
East and super simple way of drawing a cute snake.
a pencil drawing of different types of hands and feet
Schlangen Vorlage
a drawing of a snake on a piece of paper
Dive into the enchanting world of art anime and experience the magic of animated creativity.
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скетч змеи
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How to draw eyes - traditional art - eye tutorial
Credit to _turtle.arts on IG 💗💗💗1. draw the basic shape of the eye , usually a tilted parallelogram lmao but if it’s from the side then it’s gonna be a triangle ! 2. draw the eye bag / eye lid and the iris this also depends on the reference ! 3. start drawing the direction of the eyelashes ,, at this stage it’s just sketching so don’t draw them too dark ! 4. after you’re satisfied with the overall shape , start darkening the pupils and lashes 5. finish off with shading however you like :)
.. • °Eye tutorial ° • ..
Draw postcard for 30 days, day 4
Now it’s my own challenge #postcard_month or “Draw postcards for 30 days”, Day 4. I know that drawing from a photo is harmful for an artist, but sometimes it can helps. By the way, I’m still just learning English. I am an artist and with the help of this blog I am trying to make art my work. #art #artist #drawing #draw #postcard #city #tempera #pragueaesthetic #prague #cityatnight #tutorial #tutor #howtodraw #artistatwork #artistaday #1page1day #postcard_month #colors #watercolorarts #watercolor
a white sports car with black stripes on the front and side view, in a gray background
McLaren 765LT