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an orange cat looking out the window with caption that reads, how i look at my class through the window at break when i have told them i will be watching
Who has done this?!
a cartoon depicting a man sitting at a table talking to a woman about what he likes
Education Cartoons : Teaching Humor : Funny Teacher Cartoons
Humorous cartoons pertaining to education and teaching.
a forest filled with lots of green trees and text that reads if a teacher falls in a forest and no one hears her can she just stay there awhile
Let teachers rest!
a quote that reads, no we don't have a class elf on the shelf johnny he quit when he heard my name being ye
a teacher is giving a lecture to her students in front of the chalkboard cartoon
Resourcing Time
a man drinking from a glass with the words, when one student tells another to pay attention
the office meme has been updated to include pictures of people with different facial expressions
a man in uniform reading a newspaper with the caption i've been teaching a long time i've heard every exercise at least be original
a man sitting at a table in front of a cup with the caption can i go get? how about no?
21 Teacher Memes for a Good Laugh
a bee sitting on top of a white wall next to a quote that says, i see your class is on task let me come fly around the room
Friday Favorites (Momfessionals)
a man in a black leather jacket is talking to someone