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(1) Tumblr

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Heath Ledger como Joker. - villain lock-in - joker make-up station...? - also villains through time

First of all, I love Heath Ledger's Joker. But the reason why I pin this is because of the photos taken of his back. You can TELL he is The Joker from his back because Heath was full body acting. And it's beautiful to see.

Rhys Cooper Illustration

the joker. madness Heath Ledger owns the role of the Joker for his Oscar-winning portrayal. The joker madness is a stunning 5 colour Silkscreen print.

Heath Ledger/ Joker :) I'd love this quote as a tattoo

Words can't explain the awesomeness.P greatest actor. Movie about Batman. Gets upstaged by the Joker. Words can't explain the awesomeness R I P greatest actor Movie about Batman Gets upstaged by Joker