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children are standing around the earth with words on it
Mrs. Hurlbert's Class
Mrs. Hurlbert's Class website-I developed ths site for students to use at home and in the classroom. It has links for games and activities to reinforce most TEKS I taught in Kindergarten, First Grade, and Third grade with some content I added for Fifth grade tutoring. Click the picture to visit my site.
three handmade signs with flowers and words written on them are displayed in front of a bulletin board
Practicing good citizenship flip book. "A Better Me" Each page "At Home", "At School", and "In My Neighborhood" contains an illustration and a sentence explaining how they can be "A Better Me". Ex: I can clean up my messy room. I can help friends carry books. I can recycle my water bottles. Very neat way to teach students how they can be a good citizen in their community.
picture books about good citizenship for kids - Google Search Ideas, Recycling, Kiddos, Cops, September, Book Cover, Ipad 4
Wowza... and a Winner Too!
picture books about good citizenship for kids - Google Search
the words 10 acts of love for your neighborhood are in front of an image of a fence
10 Acts of Love for Your Neighborhood - Moments A Day
10 Acts of Love for Your Neighborhood - Moments A Day
an info poster with information about the different types of digital citizen's life styles
Digital Citizenship Poster for Elementary Classrooms | Common Sense Education
A great poster from Common Sense Media for teaching digital citizenship to elementary students.
a paper plate that has a house on it with words written in the middle and around it
Citizenship Foldable Social studies activity for teaching the students basic citizenship identity.It will show students how they are members of their home and work up to being apart of the world. This corresponds with the citizenship strand of Social Studies education and would be a good introductory lesson for this concept. KB.
a facebook page with the words think before you speak and then, it's true?
Before you Speak: THINK {again}
Love this! The importance of this should be emphasized to all students. It is important to teach them that their personal behavior reflects on them greatly. This poster allows the students to stop, take a moment and reflect on what they are going to say. It is a great habit to have the students pick up because it will help them throughout life and in their future.