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a painting of a woman with green eyes and horns on her head, in the woods
Samhain, the Halloween Lord, is essentially the Spirit of Halloween and has even been said by some to be a personification of the holiday itself. It is also the name of an ancient pagan Celtic festival which was named after him. Samhain's appearance is unknown, however, he is depicted as an armored being, with a pumpkin-like head emitting green flames, and riding a ghostly horse who emits the same flames. He resembles the Headless Horseman as a result. He can also assume the form of a fae-like
a painting of a man with white hair and no shirt on, looking down at his chest
a drawing of a man with horns on his head
Otherworld Realms
a drawing of a woman with long hair wearing a black dress and earrings, looking down at the ground
Of men and moons ☾
a painting of a woman covering her face with hands
Care/Doubt, Aleksander Brodziński
a woman with long white hair and red gloves on her head is staring at the camera
a young child is cuddling with a white cat on a fluffy, furry blanket
two women with white hair are facing each other and one has a butterfly on her nose
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a little fairy sitting on top of a moss covered ground with bubbles in the air
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