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FAMOUS AUTHORS REPLY TO YOUR UNSOLICITED DICK PIC Smartphone, Humour, Jane Austen, Dick, Humor, Jane, Funny Relationship, Possession, Relationships Humor
Famous Authors Reply to Your Unsolicited Dick Pic
This Is How Lesbians Have Sex
This Is How Lesbians Have Sex
an owl sitting on top of a red ribbon with the word 2 words written below it
31 Ridiculous Things Husbands Have Said to Their Wives That Will Have You Saying, ‘Been There’
If you’re a husband, you’ll TOTALLY relate to these. If you HAVE a husband, you’ll just shake your head (because you know they’re so hilariously true)…
a comic strip with a witch and a man sitting at a table talking to each other
Tiny Sports
TinySports | Bizarro!
two oranges sitting at a table with one saying i win and the other saying stop poker
Balls In The Air
Balls In The Air | Bizarro!
a man and woman talking to each other in front of a speech bubble that says, my hand is stuck
13 Struggles Of Having Sex With Long Hair
What should be sexy is kind of just a pain: Sex with long hair
an old letter with the words dear sir, thank you for the unexpected and unsolidedd
This very formal letter is the perfect response to a dick pic
Response to unsolicited dick pics
a sign with two mugs on it in front of some other books and figurines
King Henry VIII's disappearing wives
a woman wearing headphones and looking at the camera
How to talk to a woman who… - Standard Issue
Self-proclaimed ‘modern man’ Dan Bacon has shared some tips on how to chat up a…
an image of a woman standing in front of a tree with the sun setting behind her
How To Talk To A Woman Even Though She’s A Ghost
Common Mistakes Guys Make When Approaching Women Who Are Ghosts | How To Talk To…
two people sitting on couches talking to each other in a room with a sign that says
Bearing Traffic
bz panel 03-28-16
a cartoon depicting a bride and groom being married to each other, with the caption that reads we'll say d'd'd do after a reception of the sentence from till death
Uber Ark
bz panel 02-20-16
a man sitting in a chair talking to another man
Stolen Babies
bz panel 12-29-15
the text reads people say love is the best feeling but i think finding a toilet when you
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