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Happy Birthday Riker! You are just the total package & I'm really wishin I was 23!

I sooo wish I could meet Riker in real life! That would be the coolest thing ever😁 I would never quit smiling😄

I just had to share this one because they look so happy. Besides Riker cause he is doing a serious face.

Besides Riker cause he is doing a serious face.>>>Probably because he didn't get his morning bulletproof coffee.

Parece que estén en esa casa de Harry Potter... ¿Cómo se llamaba?... Ah, sí! ¡La casa de los gritos! Ellos son los gritos

We'll be posting rare photos and videos of If anything is yours, we will give you full credit, or take it down.


We all have that one friend.

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Ross looks so sexy, Rydel very pretty, Riker and Rocky looking goood and then there's E-Rat ;