12 absolutely unique kinds of beaches you probably didn’t know existed.- I've been to both the green sand beach and the black sand beach. The water at the black sand beach was cold. I want to go to the pink sand beach!

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Fancy up your camera xoxo bloom theory 2014 collection -- now I just need a nice camera

Bloom Theory 2014 collection

Marvelous Portrait Photography by Kai Böttcher #inspiration #photography

Marvelous Portrait Photography by Kai Böttcher

Kai Böttcher is a talented self-taught photographer, retoucher and design student currenlty based in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Just meme it!

I FUCKING LOVE SNAILS I used to make little houses for tyem out of sticks and leaves And even now I move them off the sidewalk and onto the grass so they don't get crushed

VORSELAAR CASTLE, BELGIUM - Anthony Russo - Google+

Vorselaar Castle, Belgium *m. Vorselaar Castle, Belgium also known as Borrekens Castle, was built around 1270 by a member of the Van Rotselaar family.

St.Joseph North Pier Lighthouse

Sean Chess of Coldwater has been announced as the winner of the Pure Michigan Moments Photo Contest. This photo of the St. Joseph Lighthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan will be featured in the 2013 Pure Michigan Travel Guide.