Here are some cool items that book fanatics would love.

Here are some cool items that book fanatics would love. I want all of these so badly! The finger bookmark.

Writing infographic: 6 key ingredients of series.

How to Write a Book Series - 10 Tips for Success

Creating A Fictional Character

Great infographic for creating multi-dimensional fictional characters. Save this chart to help you flesh out your characters.

10 Writing Mistakes That Kill Your First Chapter

By Marcy Kennedy ( I’m teaching at a writer’s conference this week, so instead of one of my in-depth posts, I thought I’d create a quick checklist for you. Here are 10 writing mistake.

YES! I actually do this

Haha so true! That moment when something shocking happens in a book and you feel like you can't read fast enough.

How to write a fight scene

Jrr tolkien essay on fairy stories text Jrr tolkien essay on fairy stories text, and The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien Synthesis Essay Thesis Format Alexander Pope An Essay On Man Full Text Orlando Movie.

between the pages.

The Reader "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." - Roald Dahl / Photo by Rosie Hardy - a self portrait from the 365 Days Collection -

Keep Your Science Straight: The Psychology of Lying

Psychology infographic & Advice This infographic takes a look at what happens in our brains when we lie -- and h. Image Description This infographic take

Clues from the crime scene determining time of death.  #crime #scene #forensic #science

Forensic science at the crime scene infographic (Los Angeles web design). Or "I swear I am a writer.

My inner landscape

bookbaristas: Central Park reads More NYC shots coming to ya today!