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Just 21 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About "Riverdale"

tbh archie kinda did have a real personal problem. every time he got embarrassed. he seemed to get high anxiety, his dad was having an affair with a criminals' wife. his dad brought his ex wife (archie's mom) back from chicago. so go archie

The girls are just there looking all elegant ant graceful and then there's just COLE

This is two separate pictures isn't it. I wasn't sure if it was Dylan and cole but then the waters different at the bottom. Ole in the bottom picture

Only Bughead and a Varchie NOT  Barchie IG: ilona.nagy

Only Bughead and a Varchie NOT Barchie<<<I hate varchie and barchie with all my heart. Like Veronica needs to stop faking we all know she’s low key lesbian😂