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You must click on the link for this to work (the top half is moving), but it's… You can also watch the cirkles and than look around you. That´s very impressive.

This is SO cool. Click the GIF buttom for it to work, watch the top half for 30 seconds, then watch Starry Night come to life. So worth it!

Doctor Who: Weird and Wonderful | Doctor Who TV On this gif is something I forgot.

well, I just started with season 6 of Doctor Who . and this creepy silence/slender man-thingies appeared ~ I think they are one of the creepiest monst.: The Silence :.

First and Last Words Of The Doctors.

Doctor Who, First and Last Words << (Eleven's last words) "I will always remember when the Doctor was me." (Twelve's first words) "KIDNEYS! I've got new kidneys!

The Doctor is confused. #Harry Potter

Well I have a Harry Potter board and a Doctor Who board. I guess this will have to go on my Geek board haha

He erased himself from every database in the universe, including Shakespeare plays. >> YOU GUYS DONT just found it in my sisters copy of the play

Doctors, Doctor Who