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two rings with an avocado cut in half
Avocado Friendship Rings
avocado friendship rings
two slices of avocado are hanging from a silver chain
28 Things You'll Want To Share With Your Best Friend
several necklaces with different types of food on them and one has a hot dog
DIY Foodie Friendship Necklaces (+ A Giveaway!)
DIY (Tiny!) Food Friendship Neckalces
two small pieces of jewelry that look like they are holding each other's hands
two pieces of avocado are being held by someone's hand
four different pictures of oreo cookies with hearts on them, one is black and white
Best Friend Heart Necklace Collections - Be Modish
Oreo Bff necklace super cute! @Sarah Chintomby Chintomby Pendleton - how perfect are these?!
two necklaces made to look like avocado halves
You're MINE(Complete)