I'm young though I'm waiting for this

Couples // perfect boyfriends // want // relationship goals // wish // list // boys who // teen // old // love // sweet // butterflies but I also love being called babe😊

I have anxiety (×) but I will support all of these so I will also draw a peace symbol.

project icon: write a symbol on the side of your hand or your wrist that best represents you difficulty! and send me your pictures!

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Atelophobia is the fear of not being good enough or imperfection. Atelophobia is classified as an anxiety disorder that can affect relationships and makes the afflicted person feel like everything they do is wrong.

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Alright I get that but the whole punching thing if your kinda wimpy it won't get you guys who are just friends they want a girl who can play video games and sports without complaining<<yea is very true for me.


La Marinière toujours à la mode

What about Fear of water? Phobias: xenophobia definition is a bit simplistic; yes 'strangers' but also more towards the fear of foreigners. Usually, used socially and culturally than just 'strangers' but I digress.