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Eliška Pinďáková

Eliška Pinďáková
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The TOP 16 songs of 2016--this is the PERFECT list for a New Years Eve party to ring in the new year. The link to the playlist is on the blog

These were the top hits of but all these songs are still played today. This list has a range form alternative to hip-hop to pop. I pinned this because some songs I still listen to are on here.

When it hits me that TØP keeps getting bigger and bigger.

When your uncles radio STILL don't work so he has to sing for entertainment.

This is my favorite reaction picture of all time and I will ALWAYS find every reason to use it. It's marvelous.

Roses are red violets are blue .Im a potato my dads gonna penetrate my ass

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When u r flippin through the radio stations and u hear The Weeknd sing one word. one word and u just already know that its himmmm its abelllllll