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Eliška Martinková

Eliška Martinková
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{ arranged hues } image via: @clangart

today's inspiration image for { arranged hues } is by . thank you, Chantal, for another incredible image share! the colors for the downstairs bathroom!

This color scheme is a lot of my main floor.  Red accents, taupe/tan walls, green in the kitchen, maybe chocolate brown dyed slipcover sofa and chairs.  It would be fun to add a bit of that gray color in as well……I'm thinking new colors for kitchen. I wouldn't have to change that much just add red

Love this color pallet.This color scheme is a lot of my main floor. Red accent wall, darker taupe accent wall, tan (all other) walls, green in the dining room, dark brown/chocolate leather couches. Only color I haven't decorated in is grey!

A brown leather sofa matches a dark wooden coffee table in front of the neutral living room walls. Orange throw pillows and a contrasting patterned blue pillow add color to the room. Two scenic photos and a bright blue breakfast tray pull repeat the hue.

Leather furniture, while very lovely and exquisite, can be a test to keep up. It can be effectively harmed by dishonorable cleaning methods. Before you endeavor to clean your leather furniture