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Enjoy 14 Best Supernatural quotes from episode 'All in the Family' Post contains quotes by Metatron, Chuck (God), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester and Professor Donatello Redfield.


I was actually laughing about a SPN reference I made mentally (I'm weird don't judge me) and when my friend asked me wtf i was doing I just said "i made a supernautral reference" and a kid was like "SUPERNATURAL?

Quote from Supernatural ? Sam Winchester: So what are you thinkin’, scrambled or fried? Dean Winchester: I’m not really hungry right now. Sam Winchester: Y-you’re not that… How about some pie? (Whats Your Favorite)

I don't usually go for pins with alternate text/dialogue... But this is fun :-)

I don't usually go for pins with alternate text/dialogue. But this is fun :-).<<cas looks so stressed in the last picture.I-I need to boop, dean. Why won’t you let me boop ?