marshall cuz it’s not getting better

,,cat funeral, cat funeral,” ,,GOUDA?!"
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some people are holding their dogs in different positions and saying what they mean to them
a woman sitting on a couch holding a candy bar and toothbrush
lily behind the curtain 💛
a man in a trench coat holding a baby and standing next to a woman on a scooter
David Baker (@DaveProps) on X
a man with a monkey on his shoulder in front of a building and another person
David Baker (@DaveProps) on X
a man holding a drink in his right hand and smiling at the camera with people sitting around him
Jason Segel Says He's Open to a How I Met Your Father Cameo: 'Those People Changed My Life'
a man holding a beer bottle in his right hand
a man smiling and holding his hair in one hand while sitting on the floor next to a couch
a man standing in a kitchen holding his nose to his mouth
marshall eriksen