Tanapol Kaewpring

Fire in a box. Tanapol Kaewpring, an interesting concept! Makes me think of how we as humans tend to put god or spiritual things in a box instead of letting him set us free.

Ai Weiwei, Straight

Favorite Artist: Ai Weiwei Artworks Name: Straight Medium: steel reinforcing bars, size: dimensions variable upon locations

Marije Vogelzang is a Netherlands-based Eating Designer with roots in the aesthetics of eating and performance art.

sharing dinner by Marije Vogelzang. being attached to your tablecloth? now thats remarkable

Tree Shaping

This is one of Axel Erlandson´s "Circus trees" located in Gilroy, California. This "basket tree" was formed by grafting six Sycamore trees together in a diamond pattern.

Myoung Ho Lee

Tree is South Korean photographer Myoung Ho Lee‘s beautiful series of a variety of trees captured with a camera in different seasons and locations. Myoung Ho Lee photographs solitary trees framed against white canvas backdrops

Giuseppe Penone, Elevazione, 2001

Giuseppe Penone, Elevazione, 2001 A free map of the International Art Collection is available via the tourist office!

Voici un drôle de nid !!! #construction #originale

Amazing outdoor nest bed this would be an awesome get out of the house and a good place to hang with friends

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