Eliška Pláničková

Eliška Pláničková

Eliška Pláničková
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Vertical veggie garden  Original image from Veggie Gardener

wallacegardens:: It’s called the Skyscraper Vertical Garden, and it is perfect for growing cucumbers, tomatoes, pole beans, and other climbing vegetables where space is limited. Made from Western red cedar….this is so cool with the squash hanging about

Recycle. DIY. Vinyl.

Vinyl bookends Pour hot water into sink (probably close to boiling) at the same height you want to bend the record. Gently begin to bend the vinyl as it gets hot. Quickly set record on a flat surface to make sure it's level. Use as a bookend.

strawberry planters

Small Space Tiered Planter - For small spaces and gardens, it's important to go vertical. When space is at a minimum use vertical tiered planters to maximize a small balcony or patio and create a lush corner of plants and flowers.

Hanging Vegetable Garden. Rosemoor Royal Horticultural Garden, England

Hanging Gourd Garden (have climbing Pleached/Woven Trees as living fences into living tunnels as well for a protected hanging vegetable garden on Hugelkultur)

i may have to give this a try this summer

PALLET GARDENS - Nifty way to container garden. I'm going to try this except I'll cut the pallet board in half and use them for weed free vegetable gardens. Now to find some raw pallet boards (sans chemicals).