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°Navaho DreamCatcher by MariMagsha ~ Купить Ловец снов "Навахо" - коричневый, ловец снов, ловец сновидений, ловец снов оберег

°Navaho DreamCatcher by MariMagsha ~ Kupitь Lovec snov "Nаvаho" - koričnevый, lovec snov, lovec snovideniй, lovec snov obereg

How to make Earrings "Dream catcher"

You will need: Colored feathers. I& used for embroidery, but partly in half, because too thick. One ear takes about ~ Needle, such that the thread fit. Pair of earrings hooks.

Bohemian Accent Dream Catchers

Dream catchers have been used for ages to filter out all bad dreams and only allow good thoughts and energy to slide down the feathers of the sleeper. Used as protective charms. Is absolutely one of a