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Eleny ProfiMasker

Eleny ProfiMasker
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great depth, looks better than the one i did last year!!

Halloween doesn't only have to be for children, these days if you're a grown adult still looking to create a creepy and scary Halloween idea, these 76 Of The Creepiest Halloween Makeup Ideas will have you frightening your friends away this Halloween!

Zombie Nurse? Maybe future Halloween Costume xD Tho, I am not that good with makeup/effects

If you're caught between being a zombie for Halloween and being a nurse, why not combine the two? This vinyl nurse costume takes an unexpected turn with several blood spatter.

Argenis Pinal, a makeup artist based in Temecula, California, doesn’t need a costume to look like a superhero – he uses his fantastic makeup and body paint skills to change his entire appearance. With the right lines and colors, he can become a zombie Wolverine, cyborg Superman, or any one of hundreds of other cool remixed superheroes that he loves to paint on himself.

Makeup Halloween - Artist Transforms Himself Into Comic Book Characters, Like Cyborg Superman, Using Only Makeup makeup art cool artistic halloween halloween makeup ideas comic book superheroes supervillians