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Patrick Stump- possibly the cutest cutie to ever cute.

Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, and My Chemical Romance

"Knock once for the Father [FOB], twice for the Son [P!ATD], three times for the Holy Ghost [MCR]." - West Coast Smoker, Fall Out Boy <--- I can't believe they put Holy Ghost for MCR

FOB.<< I love how this band has pictures of the whole band as a focus instead of the most popular one in the foreground

joe has short hair. pete is blonde. patrick doesnt have a fedora. pete is blonde. andys beard is long. pete is blonde. WHO R U PPL

Don't Talk To Me Unless It's About Fall Out Boy by WolfStreetArt - *inhuman noises*

'Don't Talk To Me Unless It's About Fall Out Boy' Friend: that's so inaccurate Me: shhhh quiet I'm busy Friend: doing what Me : listening to fallout boy