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a person holding a remote control in their hand and some food on the other side
Netflix night
an instagram with pictures hanging on the wall and string lights above it, in front of
How to Dazzle Your Home with Holiday Lights All Year Long
a bedroom with lights on the wall and a laptop on the bed in front of it
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a person laying in bed with an iv attached to their arm and holding a cord
Dear Little Brother — SPORK!
SPORK! Exclusive - Dear Little Brother by Kristen Fox "You grew up going to hospitals. Not because you had appointments, but because I did. So you began to hate hospitals and going to them. But that hasn’t stopped you from visiting me when I’m in the hospital. Every single hospitalization you’ve come to visit me. To put your arms around me and give me a hug. To distract me for a precious few hours, hours that always seemed to pass too fast."
a crowd of people with their hands in the air
The days of going to concerts! Where are the bic lighters? lol