such a fun science experiment--watch as the blue and yellow water travel up the paper towel and make their way into the empty cup making green water--neat!

Fun Classroom Activities and Experiments to Interest Kids in Growing Plants

A great way for kids to watch a seed grow. Lots of other kid-friendly gardening ideas, too. A great way for kids to watch a seed grow. Lots of other…

Ever wonder what causes that headache behind your eye? It's trigger points in this muscle - sternocleidomastoid. Massage helps release those points and eases the pain!

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Botanical Cotton Plant Image

This is a Botanical Cotton Plant Image! Shown here is a wonderful Cotton plant, with Flowers, Leaves, and some fluffy bits of white Cotton!

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How strong is an eggshell

Investigate why bridges often use domes with this fun egg experiment. Find out why domes are a strong shape. How strong is an eggshell?


Make teaching fractions fun with this pool noodle lesson! It's a great way to keep your elementary math students' interest afloat.


Science experiments for kids - Labyrinths for sprouts: phototropism