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several pictures of different types of rocks with words painted on them and carrots in the middle
PAINTED ROCK GARDEN this idea using the shapes of the rocks & it's so easy to make!
several pictures of children playing with wooden toys and building them in the shape of boats
Using colour blocks to explore shadow in the Early Years
Using colour blocks to explore shadow in the Early Years - from Rachel (",)
two children standing in front of a chalk drawing on the ground
Home - Mamas Like Me
Fun Water Games for Kids
a three tiered cake is decorated with flowers and greenery on a tree stump
The First Wilder Child Mud Bake Off!
Mud cake created with all natural materials. | Make one for the First Annual Mud Bake Off at Wilder Child
50 ways to Play in the Rain - Rain activities Play, Activities For Kids, Rainy Day Activities, Outdoor Activities For Kids, Activities To Do, Outdoor Learning
50 wonderful ways to play in the rain! - Mother Natured
50 ways to Play in the Rain - Rain activities
a girl standing on top of a puddle with her hands in the air and colorful origami stars
10 Amazing wet weather play ideas | Mum In The Madhouse
10 Amazing wet weather play ideas. Encourage the kids to play outside in the rain with these super play activities and rain based kids crafts
the best muddy activities for kids
The Best Muddy Activities Ever!
Here are the very best muddy activities ever! From simple mud play to a whole mud day you will find a wonderful selection of fun muddy ideas.
a young boy is drawing on the ground with chalk
We're back! Update on Math Learning and Activities!
Outdoor Spaces (Reggio)
a piece of drift wood with flowers growing out of it on the ground next to rocks
Outdoor Literacy: Introducing letters
Find natural materials to make the first letter of your name
a trash can that is sitting on the ground with some ribbons around it and a sign saying pick a magic wand
Magic wands ~ early years training ~ outdoor play
a table with pictures and frames on it in the grass at an outdoor event or gathering
Art outdoors from Keeping Early Years Unique
a young boy walking across a wooden walkway in the woods with text montessoi outdoor expedition
Montessori Setup: Montessori Outdoor Exploration
several people are gathered around a circle made out of branches and rocks in the grass
Set up an area with loose materials for playing with (reflections from reggio emilia via let the children play)
a young boy sitting at a table with several pieces of wood cut in half to look like tree trunks
LOVE these wood slices painted with chalkboard paint! They'd be such an amazing addition to the outdoor classroom or Forest School!
several wooden pegs are stacked on top of each other in front of a pile of coins
Nature Play NZ
Nature Play NZ