Dierenspel voor kleuters, kleuteridee.nl , animal match for preschool, free printable 3.

Dierenspel voor kleuters, kleuteridee , animal match for preschool, free…

Lebenszyklus Marienkäfer

Good to know when you see them in different stages in your garden. Remember they are beneficial insects that eat crop damaging pests -E-

by Michelle Dorenkamp-Repa

"Life Underground" by Michelle Dorenkamp-Repa op juf gertrud op het bord mollen…

Les animaux d'Afrique

Atelier Nouvelles Images - African Animals - Art Print order at discounted prices!

What is a Frog?  A Scientist looks at Frogs  Let's look at toads, tadpoles and frogs. What makes these animals amphibians?

Dozens of hands-on frog themed activities for teaching children to read, write, and cypher. Hop on down to the frog pond. Watch tadpoles hatch and write about froglets.