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Dragons Dragons Dragons by on @DeviantArt

Dragons Dragons Dragons by tracyjb ---- Clearly, someone has more time to draw dragons than I do. Tiger dragon is cool

Lackadaisy Expressions by tracyjb

Lackadaisy Expressions by *tracyjb on deviantART for drawing. This remains one of the best depictions of expressive drawing I've seen. A really great tutorial on how to draw facial expressions, and especially wonderful if you need to draw cartoon animals.

Dragonheads reference sheet by Ruth-Tay

The dragonheads reference sheet. It´s to inspire dragon artists and to help people who want to learn how to draw dragons.

DENGANG的微博 新浪微博-随时随地...@Dan Uyemura Uyemura Uyemura Uyemura H采集到原画(169图)_花瓣

Concept art is amazing! If you really get a good perspective on it, it is really just someone designing a good outline or two on a character that will later on be added onto in more designed and exact areas.