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Metal Slug 2 for Android

Metal Slug 2 - for android Software - CNET

Spacetime Studios has pioneered and pushed the success of MMOs for mobile gamers. Though I wasn't a big fan of their flagship title, Pocket Legends (primarily because of their lackluster avatar design), I got hooked on Star Legends for some time but found it quite repetitive in the process. Dark Legends was interesting because of its new combat and map system, but it didn't quite do it for me. Then they release Arcane Legends. Think Pocket Legends but better! It's free. Go try it.

Spacetime Studios Conjures Magic with Arcane Legends

Frozen Synapse - iOS Review

Frozen Synapse - iOS Review

RAD Soldiers

A brilliant tactics game for iOS

DOTA 2 on tablets?

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Frozen Synapse for iPad is still "on the way"

Steam Games Coming To Linux Part 15 - Frozen Synapse - Prime Inspiration

Hero Academy

Love this game! It's got chess level of balance, strategy, and replay. Asynchronous multiplayer lets you take turns when you have time. Each game has been tense and unpredictable. Challenge me as SojournX.

Total War Battles

Total War Battles: Shogun is not perfect.

Heroes of Order & Chaos has arrived on Android!

A MOBA on iPad and iPhone? Sounds like a good idea, which is why Gameloft came up with Heroes of Order & Chaos. Some technical bugs are all that stand in the way of this game becoming quite popular.