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a white t - shirt hanging on a wall next to a pair of black and brown hair pins
Space saving wall hook | Ideal for airing clothes
Alf is a wall hook adapted to accommodate up to five clothes hangers at the same time. The hook of each standard hanger fits perfectly into the cut-out grooves that separate the hangers neatly from each other at the same time. Ideal for airing clothes, for example, or for hanging them ready for the next day. Design by Gustav Rosén. #Hook #Alf #Vij5 #Wood #Clotheshook #Practical #Consciously #Swedisch #Nordic #Design #Spacesaving #Wallhook #Hanger #Oak #Black
the coat rack is hanging on the wall next to a table with a coffee cup
a coat rack with an umbrella and other items hanging on the wall next to it
PLN Design - aranżacje wnętrz | architektura | meble | dekoracje
a pair of glasses are hanging on the wall next to a coat rack and sunglasses
Kapstok voor kleine hal – Margit Kengen
a coat rack with coats hanging on it
an open door with the words doors that defy expectations individually handcrafted in the uk
Beautiful contemporary hardwood and bronze front doors. Made in Britain
Bespoke, high-security hardwood doors. Individually handcrafted in the UK. Innovative design. Double-steel reinforcement. Made in Britain. Delivered worldwide. #UrbanFront #doorcouture #madeinbritain #frontdoor #doordesign #contemporarydesign #contemporaryarchitecture #contemporaryhome #contemporarystyle #luxuryproperties #interior_design #handcrafted #architecturalhome
an outside view of a house with a patio and gravel path leading to the front door
Front Windows and Gravel Pathway
an outside view of a building with wooden doors and plants in the window sill
Contemporary Front Doors, oak iroko and other woods, Bespoke Doors
contemporary oak door fhb08
a dog sitting in front of a wooden door with two planters next to it