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Best Supermarket Foods

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Greek Style Yoghurt by Tamar Valley - Such a great creamy slightly tangy youghurt. I add this as a side to many of my dishes such as curries or cooked chicken breast. Another great way to eat more yoghurt is to add it to sweet breakfasts such as toast or pancakes with jam and is great over a heated muffin.


The Forbidden Rice: Black Rice Nutrition & Benefits

Black rice - Most nutritional rice full of antioxidants with a slight nutty taste and harder texture. I eat mine with tuna, parsley, corn and tomato or any other raw veggies. Nutrional info according to Dr. Axe: White Rice: 6.8 protein / 1.2 iron / 0.6 fiber. Brown rice: 7.9 protein / 2.2 iron / 2.8 fiber. Red rice: 7.0 protein / 5.5 iron / 2.0 fiber. Black rice: 8.5 protein / 3.5 iron / 4.9 fiber and the highest amount of antioxidants of any rice variety.


Natural Mountain Bread - I never not have a packet at hand, yes these do contain gluten but I have no issues with these and they are made from wholemeal flour. I love toasting these in a sandwich press then breaking into pieces for crouton equivalents in soups. Another favourite is put 2 wraps and use as a pizza base with tomato paste and oregano.


Grove's Avocado Oil - Such a refreshing summery oil with a soft lime flavour. I adore this in a rocket salad with white wine vinegar.


Rice Malt Syrup - Us FODMAPers don't have to miss out on honey anymore. I use this in my baking but most of all for breakfast on pancakes or toast with banana, cinamon and my lovely peanut butter recipe watch here:

Brown rice only - This image shows exactly what white rice is just a stripped back bleached processed form of brown rice...Yuck!

Hoyts Kalamata Olives - I always have both pitted and whole in my fridge. These are such good value for money and taste great and that's coming from a Greek.

Organic Spinach - This green power ranger has to be hands down the most versatile vegetable there is, you can literally add it to anything like smoothies, eggs & bolognaise. Great article:

Pink Himalayian Salt - I am such a salt snob and love to have all different types in my pantry but I just love this one especially for salads as it is a softer almost sweet taste. You just have to try this one for yourself and see the difference.

Asafoetida Indian Spice (Hing) - Every FODMAPer should not live without this spice, it is an equivalent to onion and garlic in any recipe. You can buy at any Indian grocer. It is very pungent nicknames 'devil dung', I keep mine in a double container but trust me in cooking it completely mellows out. Only use the smallest amount for example when I make bolognaise I only use what fits on the back end of a teaspoon.