Elle Atmanova

Elle Atmanova

Elle Atmanova
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Handmade aqua weathered wood birdcage shabby chic home decor Anita Spero This is a pretty birdcage and it is a sweet size! I painted it with homemade paints, in aqua and white, and distressed it well. Measures by by

Looks fun but you would have to give your budgie an opportunity to clean him/herself of the peanut butter. Budgies hate being dirty!

Budgie treat, and the steps to make it. Caution: a bath might be need when the budgie is done eating it.

Looking for a large cage for my canaries

See OVER 60 beautiful wooden bird cages for all size parrots PLUS over 120 designer bird aviaries, acrylic cages, flight cages and custom brass cages!

Dreamy modern French apartment ideas.  The Best of shabby chic in 2017.

Friend redid her wood curio cabinet into a bird cage The Best of shabby chic in - Stylish Home Decorating Designs - Stylish Home Decorating Designs