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For brain-saving omega-3 benefits, dosage matters - Easy Health Options®

There’s a ton of research showing omega-3s have the potential to stave off Alzheimer’s. But there are also studies that didn’t hold up. These discrepancies have left many wondering if omega-3s really work against Alzheimer’s. Luckily, new insights show their effectiveness may all come down to one important factor...


9 natural plant remedies for stomach problems

Avoid the high costs, side effects and other potential dangers of prescribed medications. Here are 9 powerful plants that spell relief for stomach problems.

A+lot+of+doubt+is+cast+on+the+idea+of+supplementing+nutrition.+But+what%E2%80%99s+truly+na%C3%AFve+is+believing+that+today%27s+food+is+nutrient-dense+enough+to+keep+your+body%2C+or+any+%22body%2C%22+healthy.+All+of+this+makes+supplementing+vitamins+and+minerals+an+important+tool+if+you+want+to+optimize+your+health. Health Options, Nutritional Supplements, Vitamins And Minerals, Healthy Tips, How To Get, Foods, Food Food, Diet Supplements

How to get more from your vitamins

You also have to be careful which vitamins you take together because some vitamins can cancel each other out. Follow these few simple rules.

A+new+study+has+found+a+plant+compound+known+as+the+%E2%80%9Csugar+destroyer%E2%80%9D+that%E2%80%99s+been+used+in+Ayurvedic+medicine%2C+a+tradition+that+goes+back+three+centuries+that+could+help+you+beat+your+sweet+tooth+and+put+down+that+chocolate+bar...+ Supplements To Lower Cholesterol, Health Options, High Sugar, Ayurvedic Medicine, Sugar Cravings, Natural Supplements, Nutritional Supplements, Types Of Food, Weight Gain

Ayurvedic 'sugar destroyer' can help rein in your sweet tooth - Easy Health Options®

A new study has found a plant compound known as the “sugar destroyer” that’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine, a tradition that goes back three centuries that could help you beat your sweet tooth and put down that chocolate bar...

If+you+suffer+from+chronic+low+energy%2C+you%27ve+probably+been+to+see+your+doctor+but+he+came+back+telling+you+all+your+lab+results+were+normal.+But+you%27re+still+tired+and+still+wondering+what+else+can+be+causing+your+symptoms.+Let%E2%80%99s+look+deeper+at+what%E2%80%99s+behind+fatigue+and+the+ways+you+can+get+your+energy+back. Health Options, Health Tips, Nutritional Supplements, Ketogenic Diet, Comebacks, Tired, Lab, Restoration, Vitamins

20+ nutrients to restore your energy - Easy Health Options®

Most of you with chronic low energy will have normal lab results and then still wonder what else can be causing your symptoms. So let’s look deeper at what’s behind fatigue and the ways you can get your energy back.

I+had+a+checkup+and+my+blood+work+showed+something+devastating+to+me.+I+pride+myself+on+eating+a+well-rounded+diet.+So+you+can+image+my+shock+to+find+I+was+at+the+very+bottom+of+the+scale+for+my+vitamin+D+levels.+Not+deficient%2C+mind+you%2C+but+rock+bottom.+All+because+of+this+%27healthy%27+habit...+ Finding I Am, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin K, Medical Help, Rock Bottom, Biotin, Mind Body Soul, Nutritional Supplements, Vitamins And Minerals

The other vitamin that stole my disease-fighting D

Vitamin A as retinol compromises your D and even though you think you’re putting more than enough into your body, your body isn’t getting the benefit.

Checkpoint+inhibitors+are+the+latest+powerful+cancer+drug.+They+show+promise+but+come+with+a+price+tag...+they+can+cause+colitis%2C+a+form+of+irritable+bowel+disease+that+can+itself+lead+to+colorectal+cancer.+That%E2%80%99s+why+researchers+are+looking+to+an+easily+available+supplement+to+not+only+help+prevent+cancer%2C+but+to+also+help+their+therapies+work+better. Health Options, Beat Cancer, Ulcerative Colitis, Relapse, Nutritional Supplements, Remedies, Therapy, Healthy

The vitamin connection to colitis and cancer therapy - Easy Health Options®

Checkpoint inhibitors are the latest powerful cancer drug. They show promise but come with a price tag... they can cause colitis, a form of irritable bowel disease that can itself lead to colorectal cancer. That’s why researchers are looking to an easily available supplement to not only help prevent cancer, but to also help their therapies work better.

While+you+may+be+familiar+with+well-known+micronutrients+such+as+vitamins+B+and+C%2C+there+is+a+vitamin+that%E2%80%99s+not+so+common+that+may+be+even+more+important+in+supporting+optimal+health...+vitamin+K. Vitamin K1, Health Options, Health Vitamins, Useful Life Hacks, Nutritional Supplements, Back Pain, Personality, Healthy Living, Knowledge

Vitamin K: The vitamin with a split personality

Vitamin K is often referred to as one vitamin but it actually refers to a group of fat-soluble vitamins — K1 and K2 — that can help boost very different areas of your health.

You+go+to+the+doctor+for+your+yearly+check-up+and+say+to+him%2C+%E2%80%9CDoc%2C+I+want+a+pill+that+will+make+me+stronger%2C+smarter%2C+healthier%2C+disease+proof%2C+age-proof%2C+thinner+and+with+great+skin+and+strong+bones.+Got+anything+like+that%3F%E2%80%9D+In+a+perfect+world%2C+the+doctor+would+say%2C+%E2%80%9CYes%2C+I+do.+It%E2%80%99s+called+vitamin+D.%E2%80%9D+Here%27s+why... Body Workout At Home, At Home Workouts, Health Options, Health Tips, Melanie Good, American Diet, Strong Bones, Sciatica Pain, Natural Vitamins

8 things you didn’t know vitamin D does

Almost every American has low levels of vitamin D – seniors especially — and the American diet contains little natural vitamin D. Here’s just a little bit of what your body gets with the essential nutrient we call vitamin D.

If+you%E2%80%99re+not+already+taking+vitamin+D%2C+it%E2%80%99s+time+to+rethink+that+strategy.+Not+only+can+it+help+you+maintain+healthy+bones+and+a+strong+immune+system+as+you+age%2C+an+exhaustive+review+of+scientific+research+has+found+the+sunshine+vitamin+can+protect+against+cancer+and+even+improve+prognosis.+But+it+all+comes+down+to+your+vitamin+D+status... Healthy Habits, Healthy Foods, Healthy Life, Vitamin D Rich Food, Mineral Deficiency, Health Options, Colon Cancer, Nutritional Supplements

Confirmed: For cancer prevention vitamin D levels matter - Easy Health Options®

If you’re not already taking vitamin D, it’s time to rethink that strategy. Not only can it help you maintain healthy bones and a strong immune system as you age, an exhaustive review of scientific research has found the sunshine vitamin can protect against cancer and even improve prognosis. But it all comes down to your vitamin D status...

Sensibly+soaking+up+the+sun+is+a+good+way+to+boost+your+vitamin+D.+But+research+shows+that+while+you%27re+soaking+up+the+sun%2C+the+sun+is+soaking+up+your+stores+of+another+very+important+vitamin+%E2%80%94+one+that+can+help+your+body+fend+off+some+pretty+nasty+illnesses+and+chronic+conditions... Coronary Artery Disease Symptoms, Cardiovascular Disease, Healthy Tips, Healthy Choices, How To Stay Healthy, Health Options, Nutritional Supplements, Wellness Tips

The vitamin you need to partner with sunshine

Your skin needs sunlight to make vitamin D. But if you get a lot of sun, you need to pair vitamin D with another powerful nutrient to stay healthy.

We+know+that%2C+as+of+now%2C+there%E2%80%99s+no+cure+for+COVID-19+infection.+The+best+defenses+have+been+social+distancing+and+handwashing.+But+what+about+nutrition%3F+Now+an+international+team+of+physician-researchers+is+advising+vitamins+and+minerals+that+support+immunity+in+this+battle... Linus Pauling, Health Options, Beef Liver, Proper Nutrition, Reduce Inflammation, Nutritional Supplements, Perfect Food, Balanced Diet

Experts agree: Dietary supplements can help in the fight against COVID-19 - Easy Health Options®

As of now, there’s no cure for COVID-19. But an international team of researchers is advising dietary supplements to support immunity in this battle...

Type+2+diabetes+is+a+major+health+issue+that%E2%80%99s+approaching+epidemic+proportions.+The+disease+is+associated+with+some+serious+complications%2C+including+COVID-19.+Exercise+and+diet+are+your+main+weapons+against+diabetes%2C+but+there%E2%80%99s+a+little-known+mineral+that+could+help+in+a+big+way... Diabetes Diagnosis, Diabetes Care, Diabetes Statistics, Observational Study, Health Options, American Diabetes Association, Regulate Blood Sugar, Nutritional Supplements, Health And Nutrition

Is this trace mineral behind your blood sugar problems? - Easy Health Options® % %

Type 2 diabetes is approaching epidemic proportions and is associated with serious complications.. A little-known trace mineral, manganese, could help.

I+like+a+glass+a+wine+now+and+then%2C+but+I%27m+finding+my+body+doesn%27t+tolerate+it+as+well+as+it+did+in+my+younger+days.+Luckily%2C+a+study+has+found+an+herbal+remedy+may+work+like+a+natural+hangover+drug+to+not+only+significantly+reduce+acute+alcohol-related+symptoms+but+protect+the+liver. Nutritional Supplements, Herbal Remedies, Drugs, Herbalism, Alcohol, Study, Wellness, Wine, Natural

The ‘hangover supplement’ with powerful liver protection - Easy Health Options®

A study has found that an herbal remedy that works like a natural hangover remedy to reduce acute alcohol-related symptoms is also liver protective.

If+you+have+celiac+disease+you+have+to+strip+every+trace+of+gluten+from+your+life.+But+even+when+you+try+your+best%2C+a+dose+of+gluten+gets+past+and+ends+up+triggering+diarrhea%2C+fatigue%2C+pain%2C+nausea%2C+vomiting%2C+and+other+terrible+symptoms.+Here%27s+good+news+for+you%2C+even+if+you%27re+just+gluten+sensitive... Gluten Free Diet, Gluten Free Recipes, Good Gut Bacteria, Food Chemistry, Abdominal Pain, Celiac Disease, Nutritional Supplements, Health Fitness, News

The probiotic that could help clobber celiac disease

A type of probiotic could help people with celiac disease overcome residual symptoms and potentially act as a treatment for the disease in the future.

How sugar steals your vitamin C - Easy Health Options® Vitamin C Tablets, Vitamin C Supplement, Blood Plasma, Health Options, White Blood Cells, Oxidative Stress, Holistic Medicine, Nutritional Supplements, Feel Better

How sugar steals your vitamin C - Easy Health Options®

To effectively use the power of vitamin C to combat oxidative stress, your white blood cells need 50 times more C in their cell walls. Macrophages in your respiratory tract are dependent on C. And it helps the body produce interferons to keep viruses from replicating. See why it's more important than ever to understand how sugar steals yours?