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Elena Ilina ArtDolls

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Elena Ilina ArtDolls
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tab bead bead  CorneliaLentze

tab bead with gold leaf and handmade murrinis, handmade glass bead SRA

Odontodactylus scyllarus (Peacock [Smashing] Mantis) - Lembeh, Indonesia by Karen Honeycutt, via Flickr

Odontodactylis scyllarus (Smasher Mantis Shrimp) - Lembeh, Indonesia These guys have 16 color receptor cones in their eyes, while humans only have Imagine all the extra colors they can see that we can't!

Asterina pectinifera 1a by Alexander Semenov, via Flickr

Blue BAT STAR Asterina pectinifera by Alexander Semenov Asterina is a genus of small sea stars within the family Asterinidae. Asterina belongs to a confusing family of sea stars - There is not yet.