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Diane Ravitch Washington Post This is an opinion article that talks about why they should get rid of standardized testing. This is applicable because it is a clear opinion on one side of the issue.

Roberta Munoz education.com 8/20/2013 This article discusses the pros and cons of high stakes testing in schools. It could be useful because it lists opinions on both sides of the issue.

M. Gail Jones, Brett D. Jones, Tracy Hargrove Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. This book discusses the unintended consequences of high stakes testing, and gives much of this information from the perspective of the teachers. This could be useful because it gives a different look at the issue, since it was written by teachers.

Leonie Haimson The New York Times This opinion article discusses the view that high stakes tests don't test the things that are most important, and it discusses teachers being evaluated based on test scores. This article would be useful because it gives an opinion that is shared by many people in the debate over testing, so it could be incorporated into the speech very effectively.

Katherine Schulten The New York Times This article asks the question about how serious people should take standardized tests. It discusses this with the issues in mind, and gives interesting opinions and insight. I could use this because it gives opinions while keeping some of the issues in mind.

The National Center for Fair and Open Testing fairtest.org This opinion article discusses why teacher evaluations should not be based on student test scores. It uses a lot of information and some statistics to back up the opinions. I would use this because I plan on trying to eliminate this issue as a part of my policy.

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